Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scripture Sixty-Six

Have you ever had a movie marathon with a bunch of friends?  Watched all three Lord of the Rings back to back?  Maybe all six Star Wars.  Or the Back to the Future trilogy.  There is something about watching the complete story.  Not having to finish it another night.  Especially when all of the movies are telling one central story, like Lord of the Rings. 

That is why I like Scripture Sixty-Six.  Scripture Sixty-Six is an annual Bethel College phenomenon, in which all sixty-six books of God's word are read in a single weekend, without stopping.  Readers start Genesis right after chapel on Friday, reading all through the nights, finishing Revelation before chapel Monday morning.  Different students sign up online to read fifteen minute slots.  Anytime of day or night, for the next three days, rain or shine, someone will be reading.  Wading through Leviticus, lilting the Psalms, stumbling over the seemingly endless genealogies and strange Hebrew names, and listening for God's voice to speak again.  What a way to spend the weekend.      

Of all the epic stories, this has to be the greatest.  The story of how the God who breathes stars and melts mountains molds mankind of the dust on the ground.  How mankind listens to the mortal enemy of God and turns its back on its creator.  And to what lengths He goes to get his wayward bride back.  It is the most beautiful love story of all time.   It is a story of peril, of heart rending pain.  Of adventure and of death.  But most of all, of Life. 

 Although no one will be pulling three all-nighters in a row to hear the story in its full glory, many will come to hear the voice of God.  For He yet speaks for the heart who listens. 

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